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UMKM and Culinary at DTIK Fest 2023 Achieves IDR 250 Million Turnover

/ist/UMKM dan Kuliner DTIK Fest 2023 Raih Omzet Rp250 Juta.

The celebration of the 235th anniversary of Denpasar City in the Denpasar Information and Communication Technology (DTIK) Festival 2023 from February 27 to March 1, 2023 turned out to bring blessings to UMKM and culinary players.

During the 3-day event in the Lumintang area, the UMKM Exhibition and Food Trucks sector managed to achieve a turnover of over IDR 300 million.

“Despite the unfavorable weather conditions and the economy that has not fully recovered, UMKM and culinary entrepreneurs during the DTIK Fest 2023 recorded a turnover of more than IDR 300 million,” explained the Head of the Public Information Management Division (Kabid PIP) of the Department of Communication, Information, and Statistics I Ketut Agus Indra Diatmika S.Kom accompanied by the Head of the UMKM Division of the Department of Cooperatives and UMKM A.A. Gede Oka, S.E., M.Si., to the media on Wednesday (1/3) evening during the closing event which became an icon of digital transformation in Denpasar City.

The UMKM Exhibition was participated by 70 participants from various sectors such as handicrafts, fashion and clothing, cosmetics and herbal products, food products and processed food. This includes stands of various decorative plants and agricultural products that work with several local government agencies under the coordination of the Department of Cooperatives and UMKM of Denpasar City. Meanwhile, in the food truck area, there were 15 trucks that presented various contemporary culinary menus such as baby crabs, spicy squid, crepes, boba drinks, and other contemporary foods. These contemporary menus that attracted visitors were a collaboration with the Bali Food Truck Community.

Kabid PIP Agus Indra admitted that the challenges of implementing DTIK Fest 2023 this year were quite significant, including limited budgets and implementation at various separate locations.