Berita Populer


This Week in Houston Food Blogs: High-Protein Recipes and Low Fat Shakes

The Houston food blogs for this week present a wide range of topics, from high-protein recipes to low-fat shakes. The blogs present insights on beauty, self-care, and wellness. One of the blogs discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with people who have high expectations and low tolerance for excuses, as they cultivate trust and open-mindedness.

The blog also explores the topic of Beauty Dust – a formula that aims to enhance beauty from the inside out through alchemizing legendary elements. Although the idea of alchemy may seem unrealistic, the ingredients in Beauty Dust are researched to analyze their effects on the human body.

The blog also raises interesting questions on the wellness industry; whether people will be willing to buy in, or if actually eating something changes the “sniff” test on the believability of a product’s claims.

Furthermore, the blog reviews the long-lasting properties and unique texture of pure pigments and oils, which can be used for anything from eye shadow and liner to lip and blush.

Lastly, the blog suggests Badger Beard Balm and Beard Wash as perfect gifts for bearded men, as they are filled with vitamins to keep beards healthy, thicker, cleaner, and less itchy. Beard Buddy, one of the brands, was started by men with their large beards in mind and uses organic products.