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Slowdown in Retail Sales Performance in Bali

/ist/Kinerja Penjualan Ritel di Bali Sedikit Melambat.

It is predicted that the retail sales performance in Bali in February 2023 will not be as high as the previous period.

This is reflected in the Real Sales Index (RSI) of Bali in February 2023 which is predicted to be 99.0, or a monthly moderation of -0.3% (mtm) compared to January 2023 which was recorded at 99.4.

The decline in retail sales performance in Bali is in line with the normalization of demand from the community after the National Religious Holidays, namely Christmas and New Year as well as Galungan and Kuningan.

The Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office, Trisno Nugroho, stated on Wednesday (15/3/2023) that the prediction for retail sales performance in Bali in February 2023 is moderated by -0.3% (mtm).

The moderation of retail performance in Bali is mainly influenced by the Information and Communication Equipment group of goods by -5.3% (mtm) and the Spare Parts and Accessories group of goods by -2.3% (mtm).

Meanwhile, there are several groups of goods that still grew in February 2023, namely the Other Goods group, Sub-Group Clothing which grew by 3.3% (mtm) and the Cultural and Recreational Goods grew by 1.6% (mtm).

Trisno added that the slowdown in retail sales performance in Bali is better than the national retail sales performance which contracted by 1.4% (mtm) in February 2023.

Furthermore, Trisno stated that despite a slight monthly slowdown, retail sales performance in Bali experienced a YoY increase of 9.4% compared to the previous year’s figure of 90.6.