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RS Singasana Opens Mental Health Clinic

Singasana Hospital’s mental health and traditional health services. (BP/bit)

TABANAN – Singasana Hospital, located in Nyitdah Village, Kediri District, Tabanan, continues to improve its health services for the community. Since the end of January 2023, the hospital has opened a mental health clinic to provide care for patients with various mental health problems.

In an effort to provide holistic health services, the hospital has also established traditional health services (Kestrad), mental health examinations, and MMPI tests to assess mental health. Even government agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office and the Election Supervisory Agency have utilized health tests at Singasana Hospital.

According to the Director of Singasana Hospital, Dr. I Wayan Doddy, the opening of mental health and traditional health services is aimed at providing comprehensive and integrated health services. However, despite operating for almost two months, new traditional health services such as hypnotherapy and herbal medicine consultations are still relatively unknown to the public.

Currently, there is only one psychiatrist and several nurses who have received psychiatry training. Singasana Hospital’s psychiatric clinic accepts patients with various symptoms such as depression, sleep disorders, or mental retardation. Patients who have received treatment at Bangli Mental Hospital can also continue their treatment at this new clinic. In one day, the new clinic has received five patients, demonstrating significant demand from the community for mental health services.

“In one day, the new clinic has received 5 patients,” explained Dr. Doddy.

Regarding traditional health services or the so-called Subali Clinic (Singasana Usada Bali), Head of the Pharmacy Installation, AA Ketut Purnama Sari explained that it is currently limited to the purchase of traditional herbal medicines. Despite this, Singasana Hospital continues to promote this service by using consignment concepts to prevent losses and help promote herbal medicines. The most sought-after herbal medicines by the community are traditional herbal medicines for cholesterol and high blood pressure symptoms, obtained from the Post-Harvest Processing Center for Medicinal Plants (P4TO) in Baturiti, in collaboration with the Bali Provincial Health Department. Although still limited, Singasana Hospital hopes that traditional health services can continue to be developed and provide benefits to the community.

With the provision of mental and traditional health services, Singasana Hospital hopes to provide integrated health care for the community, as well as help raise awareness of the importance of maintaining mental and physical health.

With the opening of the mental health clinic, Singasana Hospital provides new hope for the people of Bali, especially in Tabanan who need mental health care. Although still constrained by a limited number of medical personnel, Singasana Hospital strives to provide standardized services and meet the optimal needs of patients. (Puspawati / beritadaribali)