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Ratusan Peserta Lomba Games Online Penuhi Arena DTIK Fest 2023

/ist/Ratusan Peserta Lomba Games Online Penuhi Arena DTIK Fest 2023.

The digital transformation that has entered various sectors of life has also opened up various new professions and sports branches. Including the gamer profession and online game sports have become a new trend in people’s lives.

“The government is trying to accommodate developments in the community as well as educate and nurture the potential and talent of young generations in this electronic sports branch,” said Head of the Communication, Information and Statistics Office of Denpasar City Dr. I.B. Alit Adhi Mertha S.STP, M.Si accompanied by Pip I Ketut Agus Indra Diatmika S.Kom when reviewing the final round of the E-Sport Tournament on Tuesday (2/28) in the Sewaka Mahottama Graha Sewaka Dharma Room.

The event, which enlivened the Denpasar Information and Communication Technology (DTIK) Festival 2023, was attended by 50 teams competing in the categories of Mobile Legends and Majamojo. Each team consisting of 5 people competed in the tournament which was held for 2 days (February 27 – 28, 2023) with a knockout system. This event is a collaboration between the Denpasar City Government and the ESI Branch Manager of Denpasar City.

Kabid Agus Indra added that the purpose of the Esports Competition event presented in the DTIK Fest 2023 is an effort to capture E-Sports players in Denpasar City. “This activity can also be a place for E-Sports enthusiasts to explore and develop their potential talent and interest in the field of E-Sports,” explained this friendly man.

The tournament began with socialization to teachers and prospective E-Sports participants. The hope is that the online gaming world can be well understood so that it can become a career and economic opportunity in the future.

One of the participants expressed his pleasure in being able to participate in the E-Sports tournament organized by the Denpasar City Government to enliven the celebration of the 235th anniversary of Denpasar City. He hopes that players can channel their hobbies in the field of E-Sports, hoping that events like this can continue to be held in Denpasar City.