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Pemkot Denpasar Holds Cheap Market, One Ton of Rice Sold Out in One Hour

/ist/Pemkot Gencar Gelar Pasar Murah, Satu Ton Beras Ludes Dalam 1 Jam.

The commitment of the Denpasar City Government in suppressing inflation rates continues to be consistently implemented through the Cheap Market Program. The Secretary of Denpasar City, IB Alit Wiradana, directly observed the implementation of the Cheap Market Operation held in Buana Sari Hamlet, Tegal Kerta Village, West Denpasar, on Saturday (8/04).

Since morning, the enthusiasm of the local villagers seen that they swarmed the area to purchase groceries or daily necessities. Daily necessities such as chili, tomatoes, vegetables, eggs, rice, and cooking oil can be purchased at cheaper prices compared to the market price.

In this operation, 10 kg of rice sold for Rp. 41,500, Minyak Kita for Rp. 13,500 per liter, and 3 kg of Elpiji Gas for Rp. 16,000. Within just an hour, one ton of rice sold out.

On the sidelines of the review, the Secretary of Denpasar City, IB Alit Wiradana, stated they will intensify the cheap market operations to maintain inflation rates so that all villages/ sub-districts could receive this affordable service. The goal is to suppress the prices of daily necessities to remain stable and affordable for the public. The government expects inflation to drop by 0.03% in April.

“According to the data from the Central Statistics Agency of Bali Province, of the 65 cities in Indonesia affected by inflation, Denpasar City currently has the lowest inflation rate. This means that so far, our cheap market activities are effective and have a good impact on the economy of Denpasar,” said Alit Wiradana accompanied by the Head of Disperindag, Nyoman Sri Utari.

Meanwhile, the Head of Disperindag of Denpasar City, Ni Nyoman Sri Utari stated that the cheap market activities will be carried out in cooperation with various parties to consistently maintain the inflation rate in Denpasar City.

“This time, the operation is supported by Bulog, which provides one ton of rice that can be sold at an affordable price by the public. In addition, Perumda Pasar Sewaka Dharma Denpasar also helps through the Sewaka Jaya Counter, which provides various other basic needs such as cooking oil, chili, and eggs,” said Ni Nyoman Sri Utari.