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Pasar Tumpah Diponegoro in Singaraja is Regulated, but Some Traders are Obstinate

beritabali/ist/Pasar Tumpah Diponegoro is Regulated, but Some Traders are Obstinate.

In a week, the Public Order Enforcement Agency (Satpol PP) of Buleleng Regency consistently conducted regulation in Pasar Tumpah, which is located on Diponegoro Street in Singaraja.

In fact, almost every dawn, a number of Satpol PP personnel were present around the Pasar Tumpah area, so the area was left empty, but some obstinate traders with mobile stalls shifted northwards towards Imam Bonjol Street in Singaraja.

Based on observations from Diponegoro Street to Imam Bonjol Street on Saturday, April 8th, 2023, several mobile traders were no longer selling their goods along the road. Satpol PP personnel were seen monitoring the situation.

The Head of the Buleleng Satpol PP, I Gede Arya Suardana AP., MM., confirmed that they had carried out regulation enforcement in the Pasar Tumpah location on Diponegoro Street to prevent the overall traffic congestion in Singaraja City.

“We carried out regulation enforcement in accordance with the policy of the Regent, which is to relocate the mobile traders and Pasar Tumpah to Banyuasri Market. However, they returned to selling their items again on Diponegoro Street, which caused congestion. Therefore, Satpol PP went back down to regulate the area from 3 a.m.,” explained Arya Suardana.

In regard to some mobile traders still causing congestion, Satpol PP tried to persuade them to move their stalls to their designated locations set by the local government.

“If there are still some traders who are obstinate, we apologize and we will enforce the regulations accordingly,” he stated.

Based on observations, dozens of Satpol PP personnel from Buleleng Regency have been present at several points on Diponegoro Street since early dawn to monitor the Pasar Tumpah activity as well as mobile traders. However, surveillance was still not optimal, as some traders shifted north and utilized the road shoulder on Imam Bonjol Street in Singaraja. Even the sidewalk was used as a place to sell their goods.