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Liga Arab Takes Action Following Israel’s Attack on Al Aqsa Mosque, PM Netanyahu Speaks Out

.com/ Arab Bergerak Usai Israel Serang Al Aqsa, PM Netanyahu Buka Suara

The countries of the Arab League will soon convene an emergency meeting on Wednesday (5/4), to discuss the incident of Israeli police attacking the Al Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem early Wednesday local time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the strong reactions of the Arab League countries.

Netanyahu promised to calm the situation after the incident of Israeli police attack on the Al Aqsa mosque, which caused clashes among the masses, as quoted from The Times of Israel.

The PM, who was once protested by Israeli citizens, said he would,”maintain the status quo and reduce tension.”

Netanyahu tweeted a video of a man who claimed to be a Palestinian citizen, who revealed his account inside the mosque that the incident was triggered by masked youths.

The youth allegedly barricaded and locked the gates of the Al Aqsa mosque and did not allow any congregants to leave.

The Times of Israel reported that the police explained that the masked man they called an agitator refused to leave, even though he was asked and persuaded to leave the mosque.