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Large Cobra Snake Appears in Employees’ Motorcycle Exhausts in Jembrana

/ist/Large Cobra Snake Appears in Employees’ Motorcycle Exhausts in Jembrana.

Dozens of employees at a supermarket located on Ngurah Rai Street, Jembrana District, were surprised by an unusual incident on Wednesday night (05/04/2023) around 8:30 p.m. WITA.

They were startled by the appearance of a cobra snake suddenly appearing in one of the employees’ motorcycles at the supermarket.

According to information obtained, at the time of the incident, a friend of the motorcycle owner saw the snake emerging from the gaps in the motorcycle’s exhaust and then entering into the gaps. The friend immediately called the motorcycle owner and reported the incident at 8:32 p.m. WITA.

The motorcycle owner, named Putu Riska Sumerta Dana, then contacted the Jembrana Fire Department and Civil Service Police Unit to report the incident. The report was then forwarded to the Fire Department headquarters. Firefighters then went straight to the scene.

“My friend saw the snake enter through a hole in the motorcycle exhaust. I tried to get the snake out by turning on the motorcycle, but the snake wouldn’t come out. We even sprinkled salt, but the snake still wouldn’t come out,” explained Putu Riska.

After trying for 45 minutes, the firefighters managed to capture the snake. The size of the snake was around 0.75 meters and it weighed approximately 500 grams.

This incident certainly disrupted the activities of the supermarket employees who were working. However, thanks to the cooperation and swift action taken by the motorcycle owner and the Fire Department, the incident was handled well and did not cause any casualties.