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KSAU Reveals the Chronology of a Soldier’s Parachuting Accident

.com/ Reveals the Chronology of a Soldier’s Parachuting Accident

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force (KSAU), Marshal Fadjar Prasetyo, revealed the brief chronology of the accident experienced by Sertu Agung Dwano during a boogie jump at the rehearsal ceremony for the 77th anniversary of the Indonesian Air Force at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base in Jakarta on Wednesday (5/4).

Fadjar said that there was a mid-air collision between Agung and another parachutist.

Agung was declared dead after receiving medical treatment. Another parachutist is currently in intensive care.

“These were all free fall or boogie jumps, and it may not have been avoidable for a mid-air collision to occur. That led to the loss of life,” Fadjar said at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base on Thursday (6/4).

Fadjar expressed condolences for the incident. According to him, Agung was one of the best soldiers in the Indonesian Air Force.

He stated that an investigation team has been formed to determine the cause of the accident.

“The deceased soldier’s body has been buried in his hometown of Soreang with military honors,” he added.

Earlier, Sertu Agung had an accident during a boogie jump training session with Kopasgat soldiers on Wednesday.

After the accident, Agung was taken to the Air Force Hospital (RSAU) dr. Esnawan in Jakarta and received medical treatment. However, he was declared dead later on. (source: