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Ketua PBNU Supports DJP’s Tax Collection, Asks Government Officials to be Accountable

/ist/Ketua PBNU Tetap Dukung DJP Pungut Pajak, Minta Aparatur Negara Amanah.

The Chairman of PBNU, Yahya Cholil Tsaquf (Gus Yahya), has stated that he consistently supports DJP in collecting taxes, which are used to build the nation.

“NU’s leaders and scholars will always be on the side of the state for the country’s interests,” Gus Yahya said when visited by Director General of Taxes Suryo Utomo on Thursday (2/3), at his private residence in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

However, Gus Yahya also requests that government officials, who have been entrusted to manage the country, always maintain accountability in carrying out their duties.

“We urge the government to ensure that its organs and officials act accountably in carrying out state duties. NU is always ready to monitor any wrong practices by government officials that may harm the country’s interests,” he said.

The visit of the Director General of Taxes to PBNU is a routine meeting and is considered a visit of goodwill. Last year, the Director General of Taxes visited various community leaders and religious organizations, including NU.

During that visit, the Director General of Taxes requested support from the entire community, especially NU members, to participate in building Indonesia through taxation.