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“Kedaut”, Ngurah Paramartha’s Subconscious Awareness

/ist/”Kedaut”, Ngurah Paramartha’s Subconscious Awareness

The Denpasar artist, AA Ngurah Paramartha, showcases his solo exhibition at Santrian Gallery Sanur on April 7 to May 31, 2023.

The exhibition entitled “Kedaut” presents 13 canvas paintings and 3 fiberglass and metal plate sculptures. The theme of “Kedaut”, which is interpreted as subconscious awareness, is used to describe the entire artistic creation process. It’s as if he is unconsciously driven to paint, which triggers further processes to construct the figures and objects that appear in his art.

“Kedaut” represents my feelings in expressing colors, blocking them into the canvas, which fascinates me as a painter. For instance, when I block the colors, a Garuda image appears in the painting,” he said after the press conference on Thursday (6/4/2023).

I Made Susanta Dwitanaya, as the exhibition’s writer, describes Paramartha’s creative process from the combination of complementary and overlapping colors that are expressed freely, turning into liberating experiences for him.