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Kapolda Bali Distributes Groceries to Traders at Pura Besakih

/ist/Kapolda Bali Bagikan Sembako ke Pedagang di Pura Besakih.

The arrangement of the area surrounding Pura Besakih by the Bali Provincial Government has brought significant changes. One of them is the place of sale for the traders seeking a livelihood in the area.

In response to this matter, the Bali Regional Police Chief (Kapolda Bali), has provided assistance in the form of groceries to the traders, especially those who offer traditional Balinese offerings (acung).

“The assistance from the Bali Regional Police Chief was received by around 150 traders,” said Kasubdit II Ditintelkam of the Bali Provincial Police AKBP IB Putu Artha, SH., MH when contacted on Friday (7/4/2023).

He expressed gratitude to the management body who has cooperated in facilitating the social service of Kapolda Bali, which was held on Sunday (2/4/2023) at Wantilan Manik Mas in the Sacred Besakih Area.

AKBP IB Putu Artha conveyed that giving groceries to the acung traders in the Sacred Besakih area is a form of concern from Kapolda Bali.

“Currently, there is an arrangement for both the buildings and the areas permitted for trades, therefore, it still requires adjustments for the traders,” he explained.

AKBP IB Putu Artha reminded the traders to take care of the environment and facilities that have been built by the Bali Provincial Government.