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Increased Fire Incidents in Jembrana, Satpol PP Adds One Fire Truck

/ist/Increased Fire Incidents in Jembrana, Satpol PP Adds One Fire Truck.

The Jembrana district Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) has added one fire truck to improve the handling of the increasing fire incidents in Jembrana district.

The fire truck has a tank capacity of up to 3,500 liters and was given to the Head of Civil Service Police Unit of Jembrana district, I Made Leo Agus Jaya, by Jembrana Regent, I Nengah Tamba at the Kresna Jvara Sports Center parking area in Negara on Thursday, April 6. The handover event was attended by Deputy Regent I Gede Ngurah Patriana Krisna, Secretary I Made Budiasa, and the leadership of regional work units throughout Jembrana district.

The event included a simulation of fire handling and handling of wild animals, especially pythons. The trained firefighters were quickly able to extinguish the fire during the simulation. The firefighters were also adept at operating all the equipment in the new fire truck unit. They safely captured the released python as part of the simulation for handling wild animals.

Regent Tamba said that adding the fire truck was intended to improve the handling of the frequent fire incidents in Jembrana, which he considered a necessity. Regent Tamba believed that the modern fire truck is very capable of supporting the operational activities of firefighters in the field. He expressed his confidence by operating the new fire truck himself.