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How to Prevent Someone from Sending WhatsApp Messages without Blocking Them

bbn/illustration/How to Prevent Someone from Sending WhatsApp Messages without Blocking Them

Are you annoyed by messages or content that is sent by someone over WhatsApp? Now, users don’t need to block the WhatsApp contact because there’s another way to not receive their messages without having to block them.

The way to do this is by archiving the chat of the person. This can be done through the archive feature that exists within WhatsApp.

The archive feature has actually been available for some time. However, this time, WhatsApp has developed the function of the feature that will make archived individual and group chat threads enter the user’s account.

WhatsApp explains that the latest archive feature has more control over incoming contacts. To activate it, you can go to the Chat menu and then enter the Keep Chat Archived option.

Meanwhile, the latest archive feature will make the chat in an archived or muted state. However, the person whose chat is archived can still send WhatsApp messages, but you won’t receive any notifications.

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When the feature is activated, the contact chat will remain in a muted state even if there are new messages that come in. All messages are archived and saved permanently.

New notifications will only appear on the user’s mobile phone when their name is mentioned or the message is replied to.

“Archiving in WhatsApp allows you to organize your private messages and prioritize important chats. Archived chats will remain archived and muted, but you can undo it,” wrote WhatsApp on their Twitter account. (source: