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Five Arrested in India Temple Human Sacrifice Scandal

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Indian police arrested five individuals suspected of participating in a human sacrifice ritual at the Guwahati temple that shocked the country three years ago.

Guwahati regional police commissioner Diganta Barah said the five were involved in the murder of the sacrifice victim Shanti Shaw.

“The five plotted the woman’s murder. A total of 12 people took part,” Barah said on Tuesday (4/4), as quoted by AFP.

The five were arrested on different days between March 25 and April 1. Police are currently still searching for seven other suspects.

Barah also revealed that the leader of the group, Pradeep Pathak, was the mastermind behind the murder. Pathak regarded the killing as a ritual to commemorate his brother’s death.

“The suspects appear to believe that a sacrifice can calm the soul of the dead,” said Barah.

The suspects carried out their act in 2019. At the time, they beheaded Shaw using a machete after she visited the Guwahati temple.