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Erick Thohir Expresses Gratitude to FIFA for Giving Yellow Card Sanctions, Indonesia Can Compete in SEA Games

The General Chairman of PSSI, Erick Thohir, expressed his gratitude because Indonesia was spared from heavy sanctions following FIFA’s cancellation of the U-20 World Cup tournament in the country. Erick added, that the international football organization imposed administrative sanctions on PSSI.

/ist/Erick Thohir Ucap Syukur FIFA Beri Sanksi Kartu Kuning, Indonesia Bisa Berlaga di SEA Games.

“I can only say, Alhamdulillah (thank God), for His mercy and the prayers of all Indonesian people, especially football lovers, Indonesia can avoid heavy sanctions of being isolated from world football. It can be said that Indonesia only received a yellow card, not a red card,” said Erick who was in Paris, France, on Thursday (6/4).

Erick added, he went to FIFA as instructed by President Jokowi to negotiate and present the blueprint for Indonesian football transformation. When meeting with Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA, Erick also explained the commitment of the Indonesian government to renovate 22 stadiums that can be used for national team and league activities.

“After I delivered President Jokowi’s message and explained our football blueprint, FIFA only imposed administrative sanctions in the form of freezing FIFA Forward funds for PSSI’s operational purposes. It will be reviewed after FIFA has studied Indonesia’s big strategy for football development,” he added.

For Erick, the administrative sanctions imposed by FIFA on one side is a lesson and blessing for Indonesian football which is currently continuing to improve in all sectors.

“I did my best when meeting with FIFA. With these sanctions, we are still continuing the football transformation program together with FIFA. With these sanctions, we are not given a red card, but a yellow card so that we can play and compete in the SEA Games at the end of this month,” he concluded.