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DTIK Festival Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

The atmosphere of DTIK Festival 2019. (BP/Dokumen)

DENPASAR – After being on hiatus for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Denpasar Information and Communication Technology Festival (DTIK Fest) is back in 2023. “Despite some limitations, DTIK Fest 2023 is based on the Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam spirit, the spirit of manyama braya and collaboration, in order to present this digital transformation event, which is a pride of Denpasar, to the public in a good way,” explained the Head of the Denpasar Communication, Information and Statistics Agency, Dr. IB Alit Adhi Merta, STP, MSi, accompanied by the Head of Public Information Management (Kabid PIP), Ketut Agus Indra Diatmika SKom, on Monday (20/2).

DTIK Festival 2023, which presents Technology Innovation Exhibitions, Workshops and Seminars, Various Competitions and Entertainment, as well as UMKM and Food Truck exhibitions, will be held from February 27 to March 1, 2023 at Dharma Negara Alaya Building (DNA), Graha Sewaka Dharma (GSD), and Lumintang City Park. This event, which is titled “Growth Digital Creativity and Collaboration”, is expected to foster creativity and collaboration in the digital technology development industry in Denpasar.

A variety of communities are involved in the event, which was held to celebrate the 235th Anniversary of Denpasar. These include IT campus communities, start-up communities, media literacy and anti-hoax communities, cyber media communities, gaming communities, food truck communities, UMKM, and other communities related to digital transformation.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Cooperative and UMKM Office of Denpasar, Dr. I Dewa Made Agung SE, MSi, added that the UMKM Exhibition will take place in the Lumintang City Park area. “To add festivity to the 235th anniversary of Denpasar and the implementation of DTIK Festival 2023, we will present more than 70 UMKM stands during the digital transformation event,” explained Kadis Dewa Agung.

His office collaborated with relevant agencies to present a variety of UMKM businesses, including fashion communities, food products, handicrafts, and various other products. “It is hoped that this UMKM exhibition can add to the festivity of the implementation of DTIK Fest 2023, which was held to celebrate the 235th Anniversary of Denpasar,” he added.

Kabid Agus Indra further added that various public service innovation from the Denpasar Government will be showcased on the 1st floor of Graha Sewaka Dharma, while the latest innovation developments from campuses and practitioners will be presented in the DNA Exhibition Room. “As many as 40 workshops and digital transformation seminars, which have interesting and updated topics, will be held in parallel in several rooms at Dharma Negara Alaya (DNA) and Graha Sewaka Dharma (GSD),” Agus Indra explained.

He hopes that the community, including students from elementary school to college, as well as youth and housewives, can take advantage of the free workshops and seminars to improve their digital knowledge and competencies. This includes trying out and taking advantage of various innovations that are showcased by the Denpasar Government and campus practitioners.

“Because DTIK Festival 2023 is a digital technology event that aims to bring forth and develop creative ideas and collaborations among stakeholders in order to provide an overview of the digital transformation developments in Denpasar,” said this cheerful man. (Asmara Putera/beritadaribali)