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DTIK Fest Prepares Elementary and Junior High School Students for Digital Skills

/ist/DTIK Fest Bekali Siswa SD SMP Digital Skills.

The digital transformation has spread to various sectors and has become an inevitable necessity. Therefore, the younger generation, especially students, must prepare their digital knowledge and skills so that they can compete in the future,” said Head of the Communication and Informatics Department and Statistics of Denpasar City, Dr. I.B. Alit Adhi Mertha S.STP, M.Si accompanied by the Head of the Public Information Management (PIP) I Ketut Agus Indra Diatmika S.Kom when visiting the implementation of Coding and Robotics workshops at the Dharma Negara Alaya Building on Monday (27/2) afternoon.

The workshop targeting elementary and junior high school students was divided into 2 classrooms. Class A, attended by 30 elementary school students, presented a workshop with the theme: Sumobot Building & Programming with Lego and Create the Buthakala Game. Meanwhile, in the Discussion Room, around 40 junior high school students participated in a Web Design Workshop. These two digital skill workshops are collaborations with a Coding Academy.

Furthermore, Kabid Agus Indra added that through the Web Design Workshop, it is expected to provide an understanding of web design.

“The workshop aims to improve students’ skills in creating, processing, managing, distributing, and delivering information through websites accurately and attractively,” he explained.

Denpasar Mayor IGN Jaya Negara took the time to attend and asked questions to the participants while giving gadgets as prizes to those who could answer correctly. Faza Rizky, a participant from National Junior High School, welcomed the implementation of the workshop.

“I hope events like this workshop will be held again because they provide new information and knowledge for those of us who are not familiar with the web,” he said happily.

He admitted that through the workshop, he was able to learn how to build and manage an interactive school event website using HTML and CSS.

“Moreover, the interesting material and presentation by the speakers are easy to understand,” he added.