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Cina urges Israel to exercise restraint following attack on Al Aqsa Mosque

.com/ Minta Israel Tahan Diri Usai Serang Masjid Al Aqsa

China has joined the chorus of voices calling for calm after Israeli forces attacked the Al Aqsa Mosque on April 5. Mao Ning, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed concern over the conflict in Jerusalem and urged Israel to remain calm.

“We urge all parties, especially Israel, to show restraint and exercise calm,” Mao Ning said at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday, April 6, quoted from the Chinese government website.

He also called on all parties to halt actions that could further escalate tensions, in order to prevent further escalation. However, China has so far not condemned Israel’s actions.

Mao Ning also referred to the issue of Jerusalem, which has been a flashpoint in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The diplomat also urged all parties to respect and maintain the historical status quo of holy sites in Jerusalem.

“The issue of the status of Jerusalem is complex and sensitive. All parties concerned should act in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions,” Mao Ning said.

Furthermore, he called on the international community to take concrete steps in advancing a two-state solution framework to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict, which involves the establishment of two states and two nations.