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Bupati Giri Prasta Appreciates Bareskrim for Helping Badung to Regulate Unauthorized Towers

/ist/Bupati Giri Prasta Apresiasi Bareskrim Bantu Badung Tertibkan Tower Tanpa Izin.

The Regent of Badung, Nyoman Giri Prasta, spoke out against the police line that was set up by the Indonesian National Police’s Criminal Investigation Bureau (Bareskrim) against three agencies of the Regency Government of Badung, which are allegedly related to tower permits.

“We fully respect the SOP implemented by the Indonesian National Police in this matter, relating to the Integrated Telecommunications Towers. These agencies are under police line to retrieve data because we have Regulation Number 18 of 2016, which details the regulations for establishing and operating towers by the Yustisi Team, and we have even held meetings to dismantle towers without permits,” said Regent Nyoman Giri Prasta after attending the Badung Regional Representatives Council’s plenary meeting on Thursday (6/4).

On behalf of himself and the people of Badung Regency, Regent Giri Prasta also expressed his thanks and appreciation to Bareskrim for helping the Badung Regency government maintain discipline in towers without permits.

“There should be no towers in Badung Regency without permits,” he said.

He added that there are currently 18 tower sites in Badung without permits that were originally leased for smart city fiber optic networks, but over time, there were cellular network providers who piggybacked and installed network equipment on the towers’ cones.

“These are the unauthorized towers that we need to regulate,” he said, adding that he will follow all existing procedures before taking any action.

“We will not be reckless in our attempts to address this issue. Instead, we need to focus on finding solutions to the problem,” he said.