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BRI Continues to Improve IT Skills for Successful Digital Transformation

Director of Digital and Information Technology at BRI, Arga M. Nugraha. (BP/BRI Document)

JAKARTA – The increasingly massive digitalization era has forced many companies to adopt the latest technology and develop digital products and services that meet market needs. One of them is Indonesia’s largest bank, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI, which is continuing to accelerate and carry out digital transformation in Indonesia.

This is reflected in the performance of the BRImo super app which has received a positive response from the public. The financial transaction volume through BRImo in 2022 reached IDR 2,669 trillion or grew more than twice compared to the same period the previous year, while in terms of the number of transactions it reached 1.83 billion transactions.

The success is also not separated from the strategies implemented in mapping banking digitization services, improving the quality of digital banking services, and BRI’s efforts to continuously develop digital talent. This was revealed by the Director of Digital and Information Technology at BRI, Arga M. Nugraha, who explained that digital talent is increasingly needed nowadays.

“BRI is constantly improving the digital talent’s capabilities by providing access to the widest possible information to our employees, the BRILiaN Insan, and providing various online and offline training,” he said.

To meet the quality of training, BRI collaborates with several renowned educational institutions abroad, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Gartner, a technology research and consulting firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. In terms of information technology aspect, BRI has strengthened big data processing and the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI).

Various banking services are created to be able to better respond to market needs and the development of the digital era. This achievement also drives BRI to provide the best service to its customers.

The strengthening of the IT operating model, for example, is constantly being improved with competent performance from digital talent. BRI also carries out transformation in line with our transformation blueprint, BRIvolution 2.0. “BRI’s digital talent is open and exposed to various latest developments. The way is to give them access to information and education as widely as possible,” he added.

BRI has sent many of its digital talents to continue learning, including through international scholarship programs and professional certification in various information technology fields. One proof of the company’s digital talent achievement is the achievements that have been obtained.

As in the previous year, two BRILiaN Insan, Nur Arifin Akbar and Nitia Rahmi, won the Silver Medal Finalist award at the UN World Innovation Day Hack 2022 as the Blockchain Center of Excellence Team from BRI, which competed in the blockchain field. Arga continued that these things are proof of BRI’s full support for the development of interests and talents of the BRILian Insan.

Various awards in the technology field have been achieved by the company, such as the best digital bank at the Digital Banking Awards 2022; Digital Technology (DIGITECH) Awards 2022, including The Best Transformation & Digital Innovation in Retail & Micro Banking Industries, The Best IT Planning & Project Portfolio in Retail & Micro Banking Industries, and The Best Digital Readiness for G20 In Retail & Micro Banking Industries. Others include The Best Bank in Digital Service category Bank Group based on Core Capital (KBMI) 4, at the Tempo Financial Award (TFA) 2022 event. (Adv/beritadaribali)