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Berkah Jajanan Sarana Banten, Former Employee Now Earns IDR 3 Million Daily

/ist/Berkah Jajanan Sarana Banten, Former Employee Now Earns IDR 3 Million Daily.

Ni Nyoman Reni (49 years old) started her business producing various Indonesian traditional cakes and snacks for ceremonial purposes after resigning from her job at a big company with branches in Bali and Lombok in 2002. She is now helped by twelve employees to produce mainly dry snacks that she sells herself at her store located in Karangjasi Market in the Cilinaya area of Cakranegara District, Mataram City. The traditional market which is not very wide but becomes a fairly crowded trading center in Mataram City.

“My customers come from all over Lombok, and they come here to buy my snacks,” said Nyoman Reni while counting the customer’s orders on Wednesday (8/3).

In Lombok and surrounding areas, she is known by the name “Ni Nyoman Reni sells snacks in Karang Jasi.” Most of her regular customers are banten traders from North Lombok, West Lombok, Central Lombok, and even from Sumbawa.

After resigning from PT Kresna Karya in 2002, Nyoman Reni, who had only one child at that time, admitted to being confused. She suddenly had to be a full-time housewife since she was used to being busy. However, the white-skinned Balinese woman did not remain passive. She started her new activity by making semprit and cake snacks.

“The first snacks I made at that time were semprit and cake. Then I sold them in the markets like Sindu Market, Ampenan Market, and Karangjasi Market,” said Nyoman Reni, who has ancestors from Karangasem, Bali.