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Ayam Guling Ajik Kade in Gianyar: A Home-Cooked Delight with a Hotel-Class Flavor

/ist/Ayam Guling Ajik Kade in Gianyar: A Home-Cooked Delight with a Hotel-Class Flavor.

Ayam Guling Ajik Kade on Jalan Mahendradata, Banjar Marga Sangkala, Blahbatuh, offers a unique taste. Although it is made at home, the flavor is on par with that of a hotel.

The owner and founder of Ayam Guling Ajik Kade Banjar Marga Sengkala, I Dewa Made Armawan, known as Ajik Kade, stated that he started this business as most people were selling babi guling (roast pig).

“So, we decided to try roast chicken instead. We tested and tried until we got it right on the third attempt, and that’s when we started selling it. This is also thanks to the prayers and support of my friends,” he said on Wednesday (29/3).

Ajik sells the roasted chicken using a coupon system. To date, he has sold over 100 coupons. “Some customers keep coming back for more. We believe that Ayam Guling Ajik Kade will keep going strong,” he said.

The chicken is roasted manually using a unique method. They use a coconut stick instead of firewood, with special red charcoal that gives a distinctive flavor to the chicken. “It takes a maximum of 2.5 hours to cook until the blood is drained from the meat,” he explained.

For the price of IDR 110,000 plus shipping to Gianyar, customers get a 1.5 kg roasted chicken and two types of sambal (traditional sauce), namely Sambal Ulek for a spicy kick and sambal goreng with three types of mixed onions. “Our chicken lasts for a day,” he added.