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Anticipating a 90% Surge in Passengers at Banyuwangi Airport during Nataru

bbn/ 90% Surge in Passengers at Banyuwangi Airport during Nataru.

The number of passengers at Banyuwangi Airport is expected to surge by 90% during the peak of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday (Nataru) from 24 to 30 December.

From January to December, the airport has recorded 6,840 passengers.

“This increase is approximately 90% when compared to last year’s figure of only 3,545 passengers,” said Indrawansyah, Executive Manager of Angkasa Pura II Branch at Banyuwangi Airport on Tuesday (20/12/2022).

Banyuwangi Airport is currently 100% ready to welcome passengers who will be vacationing in Banyuwangi during Christmas and New Year’s.

In addition to that, PT Angkasa Pura II has introduced a new facility to simplify the check-in process, namely the Safe Check-In tool. With this method, users no longer need to go to the ticket service counter and queue. Passengers can directly check-in through the provided machine.

“Passengers only need to write the booking code that has been previously booked through the application, then simply attach their identification card and the flight ticket printout will be released,” added Indra.

By doing this, it is hoped that passengers can be assisted during a surge in the number of passengers and reduce queues during check-in.